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QR Code: What are they?

by admin on April 5, 2011

HiRes1 1024x1024 QR Code: What are they?

Have you been seeing these weird barcodes around lately? They are called Quick Reference codes.

As oppose to traditional barcodes, these 2 dimensional matrix’s can hold much more information. Having the ability to be accessed by any number of smartphones on the market today, they provide the user a digital connection to any print advertising; instantly connecting to their website URL, Email Address, and Phone Number.

You can read more about QR coding and it’s potential benfits in this article: How QR Codes Can Grow Your Business

Interested to see it in action?

Visit Kaywa and create your own matrix. Then download a QR Reader from your mobile app store. Point the camera on your phone to the barcode and see your phone interact with the Qr Matrix.

Come in today and we can discuss how to integrate QR coding in your next printing project.